Crowd Funding

Lady Garden

The Lady Garden project is designed to build and create a new piece of women’s theatre based on a framework of creative ideas outlining a story about women, for women and told by women, working on a Garden Allotment in London. The main themes will include:


  • Cultural and Diversity

  • Humanity

  • Comedy

  • Challenge the perception of gender

  • Havens

  • Contrasts


The playwright / creative producer will provide a framework of creative ideas outlining the plotline.


A female director and six female actors will be engaged to workshop the framework of creative ideas, working in collaboration to deliver a final draft, production ready, full length stage script. 


The full length stage script will formulate a ‘stage 2 project’ plan. Funding applications for the ‘stage 2 project’ will be sought once the final draft full length stage script has been completed with an outlook of mounting a fully staged professional production, engaging the female director and six female actors.

Flowers painted by Darren Brealey

Book collection of one act plays and full length plays

Hello! My name is Darren Brealey, I’m an emerging playwright and I’m asking for your help.


You see, I want to become published and I need £20,000 to do it. So, if you have some extra cash, please send it my way. All I need is £1.00 from about 20,000 people, or £2.00 from about 10,000 people, or £4.00 from about 5,000 people … you get the picture!


You can't buy a decent cup of coffee for £1.00.


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Not Interested in Crowd Funding, But Want to Help 


Easy. Please visit the Book Shop and purchase a copy of my book, Performing The Goat - A Collection of One Act Plays. You get something out of it. I get something out of it. It's a win / win situation. Please visit the Book Shop to learn more about the book and the outstanding one act plays contained within it. This way, everyone gains something from this wonderful retail experience.


Here's The Deal


Writing and creating is my passion and over the last twenty years I’ve learnt how to put my writing talents into perspective. The fruits of my labour of learning are littered throughout this website. I’m done trying to win money from writing competitions or attempting to get money from Government subsidised funding rounds - anyone would have a better chance at winning the national lottery. I believe this world is full of good people with a kind heart and if someone needs help, then they should ask for it. I'm very inspired and reassured to know there are good people on this planet.


So I’m Asking …


Please help me raise the necessary funds to cover my production budgets for my book, short films and stage plays. I’m talented, I’m hard working and I’m dedicated to my writing. It also creates jobs for actors, directors, those who own the rehearsal hall, the theatre, the crew and the list goes on… Please, spare £1.00, towards production budgets that are just too gruesome for a young writer to handle alone - I am but a mere male.


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