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Full Length Plays are a journey of a full commitment to the story at hand.


A full length play starts off as a simple idea, culminating a myriad of various concepts brought together to instil one story. The journey for all characters included in each story take a journey of discovery and development.


Finding each characters’ journey, developing the overarching story and bringing everything to a conclusion demands great powers of observation, commitment and knowledge of the craft of writing.


My goal is to bring the audience a thought provoking and entertaining couple of hours in each play.

You’re welcome to browse through the Book Shop for the collections off Full Length Plays.

Writing One Act Plays is like a cleansing of the mind and food for the soul.


Quite often there is a little story in need of being told, yet it’s not big enough to sustain its own momentum as a full length play and not all stories and ideas need to be.


Many one act play festivals, drama classes, actors and theatre companies undertake the one act play genre for many reasons and their appeal continues to grow in popularity and sustain a growing audience.


In festivals, about every ten of fifteen minutes a new one act play is presented for the audience to enjoy and the momentum of each new play is akin to a passing parade of new entertainment.


You’re welcome to browse through the Book Shop for collections of One Act Plays in Performing The Goat and Exit Dark Stage Left. Enjoy.

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Shattered Reflection

Christine in her senior role, is unsupported and alone which seems to exacerbate her problems. She holds a Masters Degree in Arts Science and degrees in Business Management. Her role as the Divisional Manager for an international manufacturing company of truck engines and farming equipment in the European Union region dissatisfies her career goals. Christine suffers from mental illness and a personality disorder, exacerbated by her addiction to a cocktail of cocaine and alcohol.