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Lady Garden


Kicking The Tyres Workshop


Welcome to the Worshop information page for Lady Garden.


Right now we are looking to spend a day "kicking the tyres" of the Lady Garden project to determine the artistic outcome and what happens with the larger project plan of staging a three to four week workshop to collobratively work together, to create a full length stage script.


The Initial Idea


We are looking to run a 3 hour workshop for one night in March, with any interested parties, to see who turns up, what comes out of it and gain an idea of serious interest of continuing the concept of the Larger Project Plan.


If you're interested, we'd love to have you be invloved in out initial "kicking the tyres" workshop. Come explore, play and be involved in some constructed creative improvisions. Our intense workshop strives to give you the opportunity to flex your creative muscles by partaking in constructed planned workshops to explore the themes of the artistic framework surrounding the Lady Garden project.



The Larger Project Plan


The Lady Garden project is designed to build and create a new piece of women’s theatre based on a framework of creative ideas outlining a story about women, for women and told by women, working on a Garden Allotment in London. The main themes will include:


  • Cultural and Diversity

  • Humanity

  • Comedy

  • Challenge the perception of gender

  • Havens

  • Contrasts


The playwright / creative producer will provide a framework of creative ideas outlining the plotline.


A female director and an ensemble female actors will be engaged to workshop the framework of creative ideas, working in collaboration to deliver a final draft, production ready, full length stage script. 


The full length stage script will formulate a ‘stage 2 project’ plan. Funding applications for the ‘stage 2 project’ will be sought once the final draft full length stage script has been completed with an outlook of mounting a fully staged professional production, engaging the female director and six female actors.


Be Involved, Kick The Tyres


We'd love to have you come along and it won't cost you a thing. Come play. Come explore. Come join in the fun. Although we're not seeking auditions, spaces are limited and we'd love to make sure we have enough tea and buscuits for everyone during one of the breaks. 


All we ask is that you REGISTER ONLINE. Please click on the green button.



Join Us and Kick The Tyres
Join Us and Kick The Tyres
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