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One Act Plays

Book collection of one act plays and full length plays

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Writing One-Act Plays is like a cleansing of the mind, and is food for the soul. Quite often there is a little story in need of being told, yet it’s not big enough to sustain its own momentum as a full-length play, and not all stories and ideas need to be.


Many one-act play festivals, drama classes, actors, and theatre companies undertake the one-act play genre for many reasons and their appeal continues to grow in popularity and sustain a growing audience. In festivals, about every ten or fifteen minutes a new one-act play is presented for the audience to enjoy and the momentum of each new play is akin to a passing parade of new entertainment.


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Book collection of one act plays and full length plays

A Couple Of S.N.A.Gs

Mark and Geoff are a couple testosterone-fuelled beer and pizza talking, far-from-sensitive new age guys, who bring back all the repressed memories of sharing house.

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Champagne Ladies

Two society ladies sit down to a glass of champagne, after coming out from witnessing the worst performance of a well-known stage musical.

Country Relations

Mollie and Archibald have been married for far too long. The nagging and overbearing host Mollie Watts makes small-minded observations in a nasal country twang.

Disturbing Mavis

Mavis is a lonely soul and recently widowed in the past twenty-four hours. Mavis reads and comforts her dead husband, Alfred.


Dr Rappaccini prepares for his next important botanical and toxicological experiment on his own daughter. Beatrice, Dr Rappaccini’s daughter lives amongst toxic plants.

In The Eyes Of My Heart

Poppy, the matriarch of the family business; oversees the running of the day to day business. Ramin manages the daily business and her youngest son, Aiden manages the finances. Agnes arrives and announces her news, changing the outcome.

Keeping The Sabbath Holy

Kevin, The Devil declares he was an Angel once, just like Gabriel and Michael. Kevin and The Witches, Jeanie and Pamela plan to increase visitor numbers to their Annual Procession.

Brian, Jannice and Peter are related through Aunt Ethel and Ethel's siblings. Three of her distant relatives, having read the death notice attend her home and ultimately to her belongings.

Day three of Lord Florien Thrust’s house party, thrown in honour of Fergus, his valium medicated dog. Lord Florien Thrust laments the death of his father via his dog, Fergus and loss of his one true love, Titiana during a hunting accident on the moor in pursuit of a particularly belligerent mallard.

Running Out Of Air

The Gods, Cupid and Bob the Anti-Cupid have competed for dominance for an eternity, attempting to destroy each other’s work.

Separating The Dust

It’s no secret to the boys their late mother’s Final Will and Testament has been divided equally. Chad makes his announcement to contest the Will for his lions share.


Each Spring Mrs Wentworth-Brewster’s dowdy rooms are Spring-cleaned of their previous occupants into the vegetable patch.

The Chicks

This is a seriously scary look at filthy, outer suburb, cigarette-smoking scrags Jenny, Amanda and Sheryl. If you thought boys were crude and disgusting when they mob together, look out.

An eccentric and surreal comedy of impeccable manners and good taste. Ms Wilma Cruikshank, Mrs Carshalton and Mrs Zizou are Victorian ladies who lunch. 

The Stair

Mr Green is the company boss. He meets Carson in the stairwell. It’s lunchtime, Mr Green is incredibly busy and the lift is broken.

Tune In Next Week When Doctor Bob Will Say…

Celebrities are told when they will become famous and when their shining star will be extinguished. M is the controller of all limelight allocations.

The Mechanics

Meet old school, all-knowing tradesman, Norbert who works hard at keeping ahead of the next crisis in the car repair workshop.

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