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This footage contains a performance of, In The Eyes Of My Heart as performed in the 2015 5-Minute Play Festival, at the Lost Theatre, London, with Marian Keogh, Danny Steele, Joseph Dewey and Jodie Bloom

In The Eyes Of My Heart book cover (final).jpg

In The Eyes
Of My Heart

Poppy, the matriarch of the family business; drugs and horses, oversees the running of the day to day business. Her eldest son, Ramin manages the daily business and her youngest son, Aiden manages the finances. Through thoughtless injecting practises, Aiden contracted an deadly infectious disease through sharing needles when injecting the drug the family sells. The good reputation of the family business is thrown into disarray when his medication to suppress the deadly infectious disease stops working. Ramin wants his brother out of the family business, convincing Poppy to pay him out. Agnes arrives and announces her news, changing the outcome.


In The Eyes Of My Heart


First produced in the 2015 5-Minute Play Festival by The Lost Theatre.



Direction by Rachel Creeger




Poppy - Marian Keogh


Ramin - Danny Steele


Aiden - Joseph Dewey


Agnes - Jodie Bloom



The Lost Theatre

208 Wandsworth Rd

London  SW8 2JU

United Kingdom




Sunday 1st February 2105




The Lost Theatre company


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