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This footage contains a performance of Disturbing Mavis as performed in the 2004 Twenty-Four Hours, at the Monash Secondary College Theatre, Clayton North, Australia with

Ross Ditcham, Chris Davis, Olivia Hogan and Juliet Hayday.


Day three of Lord Florien Thrust’s house party, thrown in honour of Fergus, his valium medicated dog. Lord Florien Thrust laments the death of his father via his dog, Fergus and loss of his one true love, Titiana during a hunting accident on the moor in pursuit of a particularly belligerent mallard. Disguised by a wig and suffering from narcolepsy, Titiana’s only wish is to escape from Gertrude, a misguided do-gooder for the lost and lonely whilst Lucinda Undercarriage schemes her plan to ensnarl Lord Thrust’s heart and fortune.

Titiana can't find an unlocked door as she attempts her escape when she wakes up. Florien falls smitten for Titiana when she says she likes Fergus. Yet, there is a mystery to be unravelled, before Titiana falls victim to her Narcolepsy.


First produced in the 2004 Twenty-Four Hours by Waverley Theatre Inc.


Direction by Liam Mitchinson



Chris Davis                   …          Gertrude

Ross Ditcham               …          Lord Florien Thrust

Juliet Hayday               …          Lucinda Undercarriage

Olivia Hogan                …          Titiana


The Monash Secondary College Theatre

Corner Duerdin & Nantilla Roads

Clayton North, Victoria




Saturday 21st August 2004



Producers                  …          Vicki Smith & Kim Hamilton

Lighting                     …          Debbie Karandais

Sound                        …          Gary Cohen

Stage Management  …          Si Preest & Shari Cohen

Front of House         …          Judy Crisp

Box Office                 …          Peter Gross

Film & Post Prod     …          Ron Kofler

Book collection of one act plays and full length plays
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Book collection of one act plays and full length plays
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