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The Stair

The age old story of office politics, red tape and justification of jobs held by employees in power. Mr Green is the company boss. He meets Carson in the stairwell. It’s lunchtime, Mr Green is incredibly busy and the lift is broken.


Through the two protagonist’s conversation, we learn that the task of getting the lift repaired is anything but a simple one. Finding a simple solution via meetings, faxes, memos, voice mail and the trappings of bureaucracy couldn’t be easier. Could it? The lift is stuck and we meet in the stairwell.


First produced as a stand alone event


Direction by Darren Brealey



Tim Constantine          …          Carson

Jamie Wilson                …          Mr Green                


Workhouse Theatre

145 Victoria Parade

Collingwood, Victoria




June 1998

Wednesday 17th to Sunday 21st

Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th


July 1998

Wednesday 1st to Sunday 5th



Costume Design       …          Jennifer Hyland

Lighting Design        …          Julian Brignell

Producer                   …          Darren Brealey

The Stair bookcover (final).jpg
PTG Book Cover (final).jpg
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