Writing One-Act Plays is like a cleansing of the mind and food for the soul. Quite often there is a little story in need of being told, yet it’s not big enough to sustain its own momentum as a full-length play and not all stories and ideas need to be.


Many one-act play festivals, drama classes, actors and theatre companies undertake the one-act play genre for many reasons and their appeal continues to grow in popularity and sustain a growing audience. In festivals, about every ten or fifteen minutes a new one-act play is presented for the audience to enjoy and the momentum of each new play is akin to a passing parade of new entertainment.

An eccentric and surreal comedy of impeccable manners and good taste. Ms Wilma Cruikshank, Mrs Carshalton and Mrs Zizou are Victorian ladies who lunch. 

Brian, Jannice and Peter are related through Aunt Ethel and Ethel's siblings. Three of her distant relatives, having read the death notice attend her home and ultimately to her belongings.

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