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The Meeting Place

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Writing Full Length Plays is a journey of a full commitment to the story at hand. A full-length play starts off as a simple idea, culminating in a myriad of various concepts brought together to instill one story.


The journey for all characters included in each story takes a journey of discovery and development. Finding the journey of each character, developing the overarching story and bringing everything to a conclusion demands great powers of observation, commitment, and knowledge of the craft of writing. My goal is to bring the audience a thought-provoking and an entertaining couple of hours in each script.


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The Meeting Place

Whom do you find living in a tree-lined suburban street? A suburban family of five, as Craig and Sheryl apathetically deal with the death of their love. Their three children, David, Michelle, and Rick relentlessly struggle with denial, contempt, and rebellion. The sibling rivalry abounds with our protagonist David, openly discussing his sexuality within the realms of his family home. Whilst his father is never home to behold a view on leadership and with his mother abstaining from the truth, David struggles to hold his own place in the world. His circle of friends comforts him; however, his longing for acceptance from his family remains poignant.

Shattered Reflection

Christine in her senior role, is unsupported and alone which seems to exacerbate her problems. She holds a Masters Degree in Arts Science and degrees in Business Management. Her role as the Divisional Manager for an international manufacturing company of truck engines and farming equipment in the European Union region dissatisfies her career goals. Christine suffers from mental illness and a personality disorder, exacerbated by her addiction to a cocktail of cocaine and alcohol.

Comfort Zone

The Arts Minister’s coming and the media’s on their way, but still, there are not enough balloons for the launch of next year’s theatre season! In the upstairs office of a small inner-city theatre, an ugly battle for ultimate power is in full swing. The Artistic Director, the Yes-man, the writer and God forbid, even the cleaning lady are slamming doors and opening windows in this fast-paced, action-packed tour de farce that takes a knife to this incestuous theatre industry.

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