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Book collection of one act plays and full length plays
NEW WRITING UPDATE - February 2024

Mayhem At Mumbles Manor - full-length script



An emotionally-awkward Lord of the Manor celebrates a three-day birthday party for his taxidermy-dog with friends from WWII in the hope of discovering his narcolepsy suffering long lost love.

This mad-capped new full-length script has had a number of development readings over Zoom in Australia and the United Kingdom. It's ready for an audience. The characters are ready to be heard. Lord Thrust, his trusted longstanding companion and hunting dog, Fergus, and interesting friends are waiting for their theatre curtain to rise.


Once the world finds itself in a better place, one-day theatres will open and Florien and his friends look forward to bringing much joy and laughter to us all.

Until my dream comes true, I will continue to write and work on this script and other scripts.

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