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NEW WRITING UPDATE - November 2020

Lady Giggleswick of Wetwang Abbey - full-length script



A charitable scarecrow judge and community arts patron of Wetwang presents awards at both events as she seeks to understand why her beloved husband ran away to Paris with another woman - or did he? 

As the world works towards healing from a devastating pandemic, I felt it important to write a comedy with a view towards hope, love and understanding. All of us are struggling, suffering, or worrying about what the world will look like on the other side of the pandemic. 

Let's face it together with humanity, inclusivity, and with a sense of community. We all have an ability to hold a view of empathy, love, understanding, and a little light humour.


Mayhem At Mumbles Manor - full-length script



An emotionally-awkward Lord of the Manor celebrates a three-day birthday party for his taxidermy-dog with friends from WWII in the hope of discovering his narcolepsy suffering long lost love.

This mad-capped new full-length script has had a number of development readings over Zoom in Australia and the United Kingdom. It's ready for an audience. The characters are ready to be heard. Lord Thrust, his trusted longstanding companion and hunting dog, Fergus, and interesting friends are waiting for their theatre curtain to rise.


Once the world finds itself in a better place, one-day theatres will open and Florien and his friends look forward to bringing much joy and laughter to us all.

Until my dream comes true, I will continue to write and work on this script and other scripts.

Theatre Angels


Thank you to our theatre angels for financially supporting Lady Garden.


Elizabeth and Shane Way

Flowers painted by Darren Brealey

Lady Garden (Shelved until future funding can be secured.)



UPDATE: June 2017

An arts funding project subject matter expert has volunteered his services to assist with applying for funding for Lady Garden. This project has not been forgotten but improved. Other Creatives have been working on many professional (paid) projects, some you will know from television (to do with cars and racing and a little controversy, ok, a lot of controversies) and other stage-related tours across the UK. 


I can't keep my team if I can't pay them - as I know you appreciate, this show stuff is a business. 


Thank you for your patience. I will keep you updated here.


Please donate your small change to assist us to bring this production to the stage. Your generosity secures our success. Thank you.



The Lady Garden project is shelved for the moment until future funding can be secured. Current funds are locked away and safe, to be added to the project for 2017. 



The Lady Garden project is designed to build and create a new piece of women’s theatre based on a framework of creative ideas outlining a story about women, for women and told by women, working on a Garden Allotment in London. The main themes will include:


  • Cultural and Diversity

  • Humanity

  • Comedy

  • Challenge the perception of gender

  • Havens

  • Contrasts


The playwright / creative producer will provide a framework of creative ideas outlining the plotline.


A female director and six female actors will be engaged to workshop the framework of creative ideas, working in collaboration to deliver a final draft, production ready, full-length stage script. 


The full-length stage script will formulate a ‘stage 2 project’ plan. Funding applications for the ‘stage 2 project’ will be sought once the final draft full-length stage script has been completed with an outlook of mounting a fully staged professional production, engaging the female director and six female actors.

Musical Creator

We are currently seeking a creator of music, someone who can write sheet music for Musical Theatre.


BRIEF: We require someone to write sheet music for one song. A West End musical theatre show tune. Just the one. The song, itself, would be used for the end of Act One, to bring down the curtain for interval. The feel and sound of the show tune would have a large cast singing and tap dancing, a good old fashioned song and dance number with top hats, tails, sequence, dresses and tap shoes.


OUTCOME: The single song show tune will be used in a TV comedy series as a Back Story element to the protagonist in the TV comedy series.


ARRANGEMENT: To start with, the single song show tune will be written for piano. Once finalised, it will need to be arranged as an orchestral movement.


INTERESTED?: If you are interested in applying for this role, please go to the Contact Us page and submit your initial contact of interest. We can discuss more details once we hear from you. Thank you.