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Live Performances

Aunt Ethel's Death Notice


A death notice appears in the newspaper advising the passing of Mrs Ethel Lane, 82 years old who leaves behind a loving and caring family. Three of her distant relatives, having read the death notice attend her home and ultimately to her belongings as her funeral service takes place at St. Peters Church, where she lay in state.


Once they realise who each other are, they feel at home until their grievances decree their right of ownership to Ethel’s personal belongings. As their relationships, integrity, and wits disintegrate, their understanding of Ethel’s passing seems somewhat contrived when Ethel returns home with an employee of the local Nursing Home where she has finalised arrangements for her stay.


The grieving relatives come to realise they have misunderstood the death notice for another Mrs Ethel Lane, 82 years old, who has left behind some other loving and caring family.

No White Mongoose For Wilma


An eccentric and surreal comedy of impeccable manners and good taste.  Ms Wilma Cruikshank, Mrs Carshalton and Mrs Zizou are Victorian ladies who lunch. Their menus have included the most exotic dishes from around the globe; however, their next culinary extravagance may prove a step too far…


This eccentric comedy about rather outstanding (if not dangerous) Victorian ladies is both a situational comedy and a biting social commentary. This play is unlike anything else seen before, despite the certain flavour of Oscar Wilde and the lighthearted lunacy that is reminiscent of writings by Lewis Carroll.


Based on the life of Wilma Cruikshank – an alumnus of Oxford University and a contemporary of Charles Darwin – she is remembered for being the first woman to pen a complete description of a fossilised dinosaur. This achievement is however over shadowed by accounts of her having eaten the shrunken heart of King Louis XII. 


This footage contains a performance of No White Mongoose For Wilma as performed in the 2015 Black Box Festival, at Etcetera Theatre Camden, London with Helen Minassian, Angus Chisholm, Grace Cookey-Gam, Miranda Harrison and Daniel Osgood.

Separating The Dust


After the funeral service for Mrs Virginia Cromwell, their sons Michael and Chad discuss their mother’s Final Will and Testament. The mourners have left, their kind thoughts exchanged. The sandwiches and tea have been served. It’s no secret to the boys their late mother’s Final Will and Testament have been divided equally. Chad makes his announcement to contest the Will for his lion's share; Michael defends his ground.


Chad’s wife, Raelene makes her true feelings known about Michael to both of them, which only aggravates the underflow of smouldering years of unspoken hatred between the three of them. The little church on the hill where the funeral service for Mrs Virginia Cromwell was held prepares for another funeral service to be held at five.


This footage contains a performance of Separating The Dust as performed in the 2012 Midsumma Melbourne Festival, at Revolt Melbourne, Australia with Stephen Mitchell, Ingrid Gand, and Aston Elliott.

This individual footage contains some adult themes.

Tune In Next Week When Doctor Bob Will Say...


Celebrities are told when they will become famous and when their shining star will be extinguished. M is the controller of all limelight allocations whilst posing as a Mister Fix-It. 


JJ produces the shining stars under M’s deliverance. B makes the magic happen. GIN finds her star fading to black whilst ZO finds her star about to blaze into all its glory. Meanwhile, IMA discovers JJ and not the other way around.


This footage contains a performance of Tune In Next Week When Doctor Bob Will Say... as performed in the 2012 Play In A Day by Sherbrooke Theatre Company Inc. at Doncaster Secondary College Theatre, Australia with Ben O'Connor, Nick Stefanac, Mary Annegeline, Hannah Bird and Ashlee Noble.

Running Out Of Air


The Gods, Cupid, and Bob, the Anti-Cupid have competed for dominance for an eternity, attempting to destroy each other's work.


Bob casts his spell on Rose and Brian to fall in love.


Rose's whimsical wish for Brian's immediate death and return to England is unwittingly granted by Bob.


This footage contains a performance of Running Out Of Air as performed in the 2011 Play In A Day by Sherbrooke Theatre Company Inc. at Doncaster Secondary College Theatre, Australia with Laurence Corneschi, Sonyta Trahar, Genya Mik, Katey Ruigro, and Emma Clare.

Shattered Reflection


Christine in her senior role, is unsupported and alone which seems to exacerbate her problems. She holds a Masters Degree in Arts Science and degrees in Business Management. Her role as the Divisional Manager for an international manufacturing company of truck engines and farming equipment in the European Union region dissatisfies her career goals. Christine suffers from mental illness and a personality disorder, exacerbated by her addiction to a cocktail of cocaine and alcohol.


Christine celebrates her fortieth birthday with an outlook on alcohol, cocaine, and a male prostitute. Christine settles in for the night by ordering a home-delivered five-star meal, home delivery of wine, bored with this she unsuccessfully telephones her fair-weather friends. Amy’s skeletal remains are neatly tucked away in her bed; her bedroom is a shrine to the memory of what she once meant.


This footage contains a performance of Shattered Reflection as performed in the 2008 Melbourne Fringe Festival, at Guild Theatre, Union Hall, University of Melbourne, Australia with Elizabeth Penny, Luke D'Emanulele, Dean Tyler, and Carolyn Masson.

This individual footage contains some adult themes.

Comfort Zone


The Arts Minister’s coming and the media’s on their way, but still, there are not enough balloons for the launch of next year’s theatre season! In the upstairs office of a small inner-city theatre, an ugly battle for ultimate power is in full swing. The Artistic Director, the Yes-man, the writer, and God forbid, even the cleaning lady are slamming doors and opening windows in this fast-paced, action-packed tour de farce that takes a knife to this incestuous theatre industry.


Comfort Zone tells the story of a woman with more power than she deserves, whose lost touch with the reality of the industry she claims to have single-handedly created. Deirdre James is a protagonist clinging to the last bastion of power (let alone integrity) and in between programming her friend’s work and shagging the Art Minister’s PA, she flaunts herself with an air of superiority wrapped around a Greenroom Award. This is a woman who can make or break the drug and alcohol addictions of many aspiring playwrights.


This footage contains a performance of Comfort Zone as performed at the 2005 Melbourne Fringe Festival, at Hotel Bedford, North Melbourne with Alexis Bebe, Timothy Wotherspoon, Melanie Sharp, Steven Sparke, and Izeqiel McCoy.

Fergus' Envy


Day three of Lord Florien Thrust’s house party, thrown in honour of Fergus, his valium medicated dog, Lord Florien Thrust laments the death of his father via his dog, Fergus and loss of his one true love, Titiana during a hunting accident on the moor in pursuit of a particularly belligerent mallard. Disguised by a wig and suffering from narcolepsy, Titiana’s only wish is to escape from Gertrude, a misguided do-gooder for the lost and lonely whilst Lucinda Undercarriage schemes her plan to ensnarl Lord Thrust’s heart and fortune.

Titiana can't find an unlocked door as she attempts her escape when she wakes up. Florien falls smitten for Titiana when she says she likes Fergus. Yet, there is a mystery to be unravelled, before Titiana falls victim to her Narcolepsy.


This footage contains a performance of Disturbing Mavis as performed in the 2004 Twenty-Four Hours, at the Monash Secondary College Theatre, Clayton North, Australia with Ross Ditcham, Chris Davis, Olivia Hogan and Juliet Hayday.

Champagne Ladies


These two darlings are the epitome of all that is offensive to the society set. Preened, primped, cut, and set, the pair meets at one of the ‘in’ places to see and be seen. Keeping an eye out for their well-heeled colleagues and guzzling down champagne, we are privileged to an insight into our high society pages and ladies of the high-class set. The correct social functions, birthdays, and opening nights at the Opera and the Ballet can prove to be hell. One must make sure the correct attire is worn in hats, gloves, shoes, jewellery, and shawls to mix and match.


Two society ladies sit down to a glass of champagne, after coming out from witnessing the worst performance of a well-known stage musical. Narelle purchased the tickets for both of them. Both try to hide their disappointment in the quality of the show.


This footage contains a performance of Champagne Ladies as performed in the 2005 Victorian Drama League One Act Play Festivals, at the Blue Stone Theatre, Kyneton, Australia with Ingrid Gang and Maree Parry

Disturbing Mavis


Set in a nursing home, this is a practical look at the subject of growing old and the not-so-attractive consequences. Mavis is a lonely soul who finds solidarity in comforting her husband, Alfred. She fills the boredom of her days by reading and engaging in one-sided arguments with an inert Alfred. When the Ambulance Officers arrive to take Alfred away, we discover the reason for Alfred’s inertia and witness Mavis’ frustration and helplessness.


Mavis and Alfred’s bedroom; in it is a chair and small table that sits downstage right. A two-seater settee and coffee table sit centre stage and another chair sit centre stage left, in front of an open fire. A small fire burns in the fireplace. Double doors to a hallway up centre stage and a window overlooking the street, stage left. Alfred sits in front of the fireplace with his back facing the audience; a blanket covers his legs. A newspaper is draped over the arm of the chair. A red ambulance light reflects into the room, similar to that of a flashing sign or billboard.


This footage contains a performance of Disturbing Mavis as performed in the 2008 Short+Sweet Singapore Festival, at Esplanade Theatre Studio, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore with Loretta Chen.

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