Running Out Of Air

Book collection of one act plays and full length plays

The Gods, Cupid and Bob, the Anti-Cupid have competed for dominance for an eternity, attempting to destroy each other's work. Bob casts his spell on Rose and Brian to fall in love.


Rose's whimsical wish for Brian's immediate death and return to England is unwittingly granted by Bob.


First produced in the 2011 Play In A Day by Sherbrooke Theatre Company Inc.


Direction by John McGlynn




Laurence Corneschi         …          Bob / Brian

Sonyta Trahar                   …          Cupid

Genya Mik                          …          Anya / Beverley

Katey Ruigrok                    …          Samantha

Emma Clare                       …          Rose / Sheila



Doncaster Secondary College Theatre

123 Church Road

Doncaster, Victoria





Saturday 26th February 2011




The Sherbrooke Theatre Company Committee


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