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Book collection of one act plays and full length plays

Penniless Penny

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During the mid 1800’s, Lady Mallét threw a party for her son and heir to the Primrose fortune at Tornsock Hall, in hope of finding him a wife. The local township attended as guests of Lady Mallét; unbeknownst to Lady Mallét, Master Mallét has sent Biggs, his trustworthy messenger boy to seek out his true love Penny Phonetic.


Meanwhile Murgatroyd Miller devises a plan to disgrace Penny and place his daughter, Sally in her place to marry into the Mallét family. Smalls, Master Mallét’s trusted manservant foils Murgatroyd Miller’s plan.

First produced in the 2008 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


Directed by Janeen Sonsie


Fabian Lapham              …          Master Lauderdale Mallet

Janeen Sonsie                 …          Lady Primrose Mallet

Carl J. Sorheim               …          Biggs

Karla Silvey                    …          Smalls / Police Officer

Ian Rooney                     …          Murgatroyd Miller

Dominique Musico       …          Sally Miller
Katherine Dold              …          Penny Phonetic




Gertrude St

Fitzroy, Australia




Wednesday 9th April 2008




Walking Into Bars

Book collection of one act plays and full length plays
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