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Tune In Next Week When Dr Bob Will Say...

Celebrities are told when they will become famous and when their shining star will be extinguished. M is the controller of all limelight allocations whilst posing as a Mister Fix It. 


JJ produces the shining stars under M’s deliverance. B makes the magic happen. GIN finds her star fading to black whilst ZO finds her star about to blaze into all its glory. Meanwhile IMA discovers JJ and not the other way around.


First produced in the 2012 Play In A Day by Sherbrooke Theatre Company Inc.


Direction by David Lawswon Smith



Ben O'Connor               …          JJ / Dr Bob

Nick Stefanac               …          M / Dr Andrew / Administrator

Mary Annegeline         …          Gin / Nurse 2

Hannah Bird                …          B / Zo / Dr Bob's Wife

Ashlee Noble                …         Ima / Nurse 1


Doncaster Secondary College Theatre

123 Church Street

Doncaster, Victoria




Saturday 23rd February 2012



The Sherbrooke Theatre Company Committee

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