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Country Relations

Country Relations brings back those not-so-fond memories of family reunions. In a typical country abode, the nagging and overbearing host Mollie Watts makes small-minded observations in a nasal country twang. Whilst her browbeaten husband Archibald is generally content to agree apathetically. Archibald and Mollie Watts are not your typical quiet country folk. As Dot the cow launches into labour, Archibald and Mollie attempt to continue with their family event assisted by the ladies from the Country Women’s Association. Archibald is more interested in showing his stamp collection, and Mollie would like to show the family her slides from the Begonia Festival. As the opening speeches continue, family secrets are revealed.


First produced in the 1999 Melbourne Fringe Festival


Direction by Elizabeth Penny



Sian Pryce                     …          Mollie Watts

Naomi Lopez                …          Mollie Watts

Elizabeth  Penny          …          Mollie Watts          


Trades Hall

Level 1 / 54 Victoria Street

Carlston South, Victoria




October 1999

Wednesday 6th to Saturday 9th

Wednesday 13th to Saturday 16th



Producer                   …          Darren Brealey


Country Relations - book cover (final).jpeg
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