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Full-Length Plays

Writing Full Length Plays is a journey of a full commitment to the story at hand. A full-length play starts off as a simple idea, culminating in a myriad of various concepts brought together to instill one story.


The journey for all characters included in each story takes a journey of discovery and development. Finding the journey of each character, developing the overarching story and bringing everything to a conclusion demands great powers of observation, commitment, and knowledge of the craft of writing. My goal is to bring the audience a thought-provoking and an entertaining couple of hours in each script.


These are my major gems of gold which have yet to see the light of day, unstaged, unexplored and laying dormant; waiting for their lights to warm up, their curtain to go up and their characters to come to life. 


You're welcome to browse through these major gems of gold, and maybe you're the one to shine their light.

Click on their tiles to discover more information. Enjoy.

A Hainsworth Holiday

A few members of the Hainsworth family are arriving for the weekend as Marcie prepares for their arrival. Alfred and two of his children, Elizabeth and Candice are met by Robert, Elizabeth’s boyfriend, at the train station. Alfred, tennis pro turned coach has been invited to a conference on Carbon emissions as their motivational speaker. Alfred and his wife Julia are two free spirits who enjoy their family life and their individual pursuits of happiness; they share a special arrangement in their intimate affairs. Alfred enjoys his tennis (students) and Julia enjoys her art (students).

This weekend, Elizabeth decides who is eligible to win her heart. Waiting for Elizabeth’s arrival is George, her ex-boyfriend, keen to win back Elizabeth. Candice, the baby of the family sees how much George pines for her eldest sister and devises a plan to overthrow Robert’s stronghold. Secretly, Alfred’s tennis student Mimi arrives to partake in extracurricular tennis games. Alfred decides he is a little old for these games and wishes to introduce Mimi to George, but George has other love interests on his mind.

Mayhem At Mumbles Manor

An emotionally-awkward Lord of the Manor celebrates a three-day birthday party for his taxidermy-dog with friends from WWII in the hope of discovering his narcolepsy suffering long lost love. Lord Florien Thrust hosts his annual traditions starting in Spring. Family tradition dictates celebrations commence a week prior to the start of Spring and end one week after the commencement of Summer. 


The Thrust tradition of entertaining, parties, dinners and hunting commenced in 1834 with the Grand Duke of Mumbles. The Grand Duke was responsible for excavating a bone cave at the western tip of Caswell Bay in 1832, but was destroyed by the sea. Another cave, at the Inner Sound, Mumbles Head, was blown up by quarrymen in 1838 but not before elephant bones had been found. 


English descendant full cousins Ashley and Evangeline Oliver marry on 23rd February 1904 at the Parish Church of Kilfinane, two months pregnant with Ashley’s baby Richard Jnr. As the winds of trouble stir, Britain plans to grant Home Rule to Ireland. In the County of Limerick, is a small town named Kilfinane where the Oliver family Mill provides employment and an economical stronghold with its two corn, flax, carding and timber mills?


Ashley, son of William Silver Oliver, Medical Doctor-Surgeon - Irish Fusiliers and Evangeline, daughter of Richard Oliver Snr, the Miller, both live in the Mill complex in their home. With Richard Oliver Snr very unwell and no heir groomed to take over the reigns of the family Mill, the Mill’s existence appears bleak.

So Lonely Being Different

As the school burns down and the lives of the students who made a group of buildings a self-sufficient community, these disgruntled and disenfranchised youth subtly crumble the walls of childhood to uncover a raw and unsophisticated road to adulthood.


The transition between childhood and adulthood entices the strong headed and condemns the lackluster. Twelve young people stumble and fumble their way through the teenage years, battling to survive their own jungle and create a space in their own corner of the sky. Ethan and Logan are cousins; Ethan lazily drifts through puberty with his girlfriend, Chloe whilst Logan fights to find his own place. Logan’s friend Noah holds onto his friendship-apron, protecting himself from making any original decisions. Ryan suffers the indignity of his father’s white-collar criminal activities as Joshua discovers his own identity.

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