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This footage contains a performance of Comfort Zone as performed in the 2005 Melbourne Fringe Festival, at Hotel Bedford, North Melbourne with Alexis Bebe, Timothy Wotherspoon, Melanie Sharp, Steven Sparke and Izeqiel McCoy.


The Arts Minister’s coming and the media’s on their way, but still, there are not enough balloons for the launch of next year’s theatre season! In the upstairs office of a small inner-city theatre, an ugly battle for ultimate power is in full swing. The Artistic Director, the Yes-man, the writer and God forbid, even the cleaning lady are slamming doors and opening windows in this fast-paced, action-packed tour de farce that takes a knife to this incestuous theatre industry.


Comfort Zone tells the story of a woman with more power than she deserves, whose lost touch with the reality of the industry she claims to have single-handedly created. Deirdre James is a protagonist clinging to the last bastion of power (let alone integrity) and in between programming her friend’s work and shagging the Art’s Minister’s PA, she flaunts herself with an air of superiority wrapped round a Greenroom Award.


This is a woman who can make or break the drug and alcohol addictions of many aspiring playwrights.



First produced in the 2005 Melbourne Fringe Festival


Direction by Elizabeth Penny

Co-written with Stuart Pursell



Alexis Bebee                         …          Deirdre James

Timothy Wotherspoon         …          Yes-Man

Melanie Sharp                       …          Sheeren

Steven Sparke                       …          Grantley McPorpus

Izeqiel McCoy                        …          Brian


Hotel Bedford

1 Flemington Road

North Melbourne, Victoria




September 2005

Wednesday 28th to Friday 30th


October 2005

Saturday 1st to Sunday 2nd

Wednesday 5th to Sunday 9th



Lighting Designer                   …          David Watts

Lighting Operator                   …          Gavan O'Neill

Publicity Assistant                   …           Melanie Sharp

Producer                                  …           Darren Brealey

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