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Book collection of one act plays and full length plays

A Hainsworth

A few members of the Hainsworth family are arriving for the weekend as Marcie prepares for their arrival. Alfred and two of his children, Elizabeth and Candice are met by Robert, Elizabeth’s boyfriend, at the train station. Alfred, tennis pro turned coach has been invited to a conference on Carbon emissions as their motivational speaker. Alfred and his wife Julia are two free spirits who enjoy their family life and their individual pursuits of happiness; they share a special arrangement in their intimate affairs. Alfred enjoys his tennis (students) and Julia enjoys her art (students).


This weekend, Elizabeth decides who is eligible to win her heart. Waiting for Elizabeth’s arrival is George, her ex-boyfriend, keen to win back Elizabeth. Candice, the baby of the family sees how much George pines for her eldest sister and devises a plan to overthrow Robert’s stronghold. Secretly, Alfred’s tennis student Mimi arrives to partake in extracurricular tennis games. Alfred decides he is a little old for these games and wishes to introduce Mimi to George, but George has other love interests on his mind.


Aunt Isobel announces her intentions of how to pass on the Hainsworth Estate. Her intention is to leave the Estate to the Elizabeth, if she marries George. A safe husband is paramount for the continuance of the Estate. The Estate will provide a multi-million dollar income for the rest of Marcie’s life and she strives to gain the advantage by keeping Robert and bay and George out of sight, yet she is dedicated to the Hainsworth family. She coordinates hiding Mimi from Isobel for the sake of Alfred.  


Although Marcie could inherit a multi-million dollar income for the rest of her life, she is dedicated to the Hainsworth family. She coordinates hiding Mimi and Stephen from Isobel for the sake of Alfred and Julia. Meanwhile, Candice’s plan has come to fruition in discrediting Robert as a worthy advocate as Elizabeth’s husband and George takes up the gauntlet to win Elizabeth’s heart.


All secrets unravel when Isobel finds Elizabeth wearing her diamond necklace that was earlier reported as missing upon her arrival from the train station. She discovers Robert has a habit of stealing jewellery and passing it on as gifts to his girlfriends. Marcie becomes the executor of the Estate, Alfred and Julia sees the error of their extra-martial ways, George proposes to Elizabeth and she declines. Elizabeth is not ready to marry, yet. Stephen and Marcie find their true love in each other.

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