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So Lonely Being Different

As the school burns down and the lives of the students who made a group of buildings a self-sufficient community, these disgruntled and disenfranchised youth subtly crumble the walls of childhood to uncover a raw and unsophisticated road to adulthood.


The transition between childhood and adulthood entices the strong headed and condemns the lackluster. Twelve young people stumble and fumble their way through the teenage years, battling to survive their own jungle and create a space in their own corner of the sky. Ethan and Logan are cousins; Ethan lazily drifts through puberty with his girlfriend, Chloe whilst Logan fights to find his own place. Logan’s friend Noah holds onto his friendship-apron, protecting himself from making any original decisions. Ryan suffers the indignity of his father’s white-collar criminal activities as Joshua discovers his own identity.


A strong spirited and weak-minded Emma tells the world she will be a force to contend with, unfortunately, she ends up settling for second best. Chloe revels in Ethan’s laziness until she discovers Joshua’s feelings for her boyfriend. Sarah and her drug dealings will uncover something a little more than what the boundaries of how the school walls protect her. Maddison finds her way out from the dealings of her violent Step-Father and inappropriate Uncle and her close friend Brianna realises her body image is what matters to herself. Victoria attempts to keep her sanity amongst the madness of the world around her as she buries herself in her study as Abigail realises shoplifting is not the way to live.


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