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Mayhem At Mumbles Manor

An emotionally-awkward Lord of the Manor celebrates a three-day birthday party for his taxidermy dog with friends from WWII in the hope of discovering his narcolepsy suffering long lost love.


Lord Florien Thrust hosts his annual traditions starting in Spring. Family tradition dictates celebrations commence a week prior to the start of Spring and end one week after the commencement of Summer. 


The Thrust tradition of entertaining, parties, dinners, and hunting commenced in 1834 with the Grand Duke of Mumbles. The Grand Duke was responsible for excavating a bone cave at the western tip of Caswell Bay in 1832 but was destroyed by the sea. Another cave, at the Inner Sound, Mumbles Head, was blown up by quarrymen in 1838 but not before elephant bones had been found. 


Lord Thrust once entertained Europe’s elite at Mumbles Manor. He discussed important issues of commerce, immigration, politics, liberalism, communism, socialism, and religion with many leaders and influential businessmen. They all enjoyed hunting-parties on Mumbles Moor, the grand designs of the Victorian Mumbles Gardens, and sumptuous dinners in the grand ballroom or Mumbles Manor. 


Towards the end of World War II, Lord Thrust was hosting a number of fun friends; his requirements of politics and social enterprise had concluded for that year. Apart from the typical faces, he had invited a shopgirl from the village, Titiana. He met Titiana whilst browsing in a men’s clothing shop. After a disastrous first introduction which included being ejected from the store, the young and inexperienced Florien invited the shopgirl to the Manor for a hunting party and dinner. 


Chaperoned by Florien’s Father, the Earl of Mumbles, and escorted by his hunting companion and dog, Fergus; Titiana and Florien enjoyed an afternoon on the Moor. Towards the end of a delightful afternoon, a freak storm interrupted their hunting party. Deafening by thunder, blinded by lightning and a release of gunshot folly at the mallards, Florien lost Titiana in the marshes and his father in the Moor. 


Will Florien learn to forgive himself? Will he find the love of his life, Titiana? Will he be able to let go of Fergus? 

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