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Belligerent mother of two and daughter-in-law of the family matriarch battles her cancer-ridden and dementia suffering mother-in-law whilst her husband and brother-in-law discuss their mother's nursing and care home arrangements.

Broken River

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Meet the Morris family. Virginia Morris, frightened, proud, elderly mother of Chad and Michael, secretive and reluctant to give up her helm as the matriarch. Confused, forgetful and sometimes sharp of tongue, her aggressive cancer overtakes her life.


Her eldest son, Chad, a banal petty thief and frightful angry man in his early forties pathetically provides for his wife, Tracey, and their two children as a local Builder and handyman. Fifteen years Chad’s junior, shallow, distasteful, lost, and lonely wife, Tracey attempts to be the woman Chad wants her to be yet flailing in front of Virginia.


Although somewhat despondent and removed, chilled and a little sensible, Michael fights for his right to stand within the family unit, his homosexuality holding him back as far as Chad is concerned. Virginia is proud Michael is a member of the Police yet doesn’t fully understand the role he plays as a Police Constable in the LGBTQIA Borough Liaison Metropolitan Police.


Tracey and Chad hold a small and uninspired birthday party for their son, Charlie, without the fuss of Charlie’s friends and celebration. Tracey and Chad discuss how best to approach Virginia about moving her into a Care Home, whilst Virginia bullies Tracey into being a better mother. Tracey keeps her thoughts to herself, keeping her true feelings unknown to anyone until Virginia announces she has split her Final Will and Testament equally between her sons, excluding Tracey out of the Will.


Tracey and Chad decide to send Virginia on a weekend holiday to Hove; whilst away they can downsize the family home, take what they want and sell off the rest of which won’t fit into the Care Home, under the guise of caring for Virginia and for the sake of Michael. Tracey looks on as Virginia’s life suddenly ends as she chokes to death on her lunch; Tracey pours Virginia’s glass of water down the sink. 


After Virginia’s funeral service, Michael and Chad discuss their mother’s Final Will and Testament. Chad makes his announcement to contest the Will for his lion’s share; Michael stands his ground, which only aggravates the underflow of smouldering years of unspoken hatred between the three of them.


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