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Welcome to Darren Brealey’s Book Shop. You’ll find an array of published books containing one act and full length plays. All books are available for delivery from your favourite online book shop. Simply click on the link attached to find out more about any book or simply visit your favourite online book shop and search by the Title of the book in their search engine. I hope you enjoy reading my plays as much as I have enjoy writing them.
Stage to Stardom - The Audition Handbook



Stage To Stardom




Welcome To Stage to Stardom: The Audition Handbook.


Every actor, no matter age, experience, race, identity, pronoun, fame, or personal knowledge, no matter if the actor is somewhere between green and veteran, every single actor needs to be monologue ready, for their next audition.


Make sure your monologue is memorised in word, emotion, background, and character belief, and understand the meaning.


There is nothing more tedious and boring to an audition panel, the acting agent, producer, or anyone than to have an actor present the same-old, same-old indulged, over-presented monologue every other actor presents. Agents and Producers are seeking out fresh actors, those who are memorable and brave.


Stage To Stardom: The Audition Handbook is full of new writing, ensuring the actor is fresh and new and helps the actor remain memorable in the mind of the audition panel.


The concept of this handbook for actors is to keep open-minded about who performs any of the monologues. I wanted to stay away from dedicating male/female actors to monologues for male/female characters. The idea behind this handbook is to be actor focused.  Anyone can perform any of the monologues in any audition.


I want to keep the actor in control of their audition monologue. Character names have been placed next to each monologue if assistance is required to assist any actor plan.


Be brave. Be remembered. Be called back


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Book collection of one act plays and full length plays



The Meeting Place



Who do you find living in a tree lined suburban street? A suburban family of five, as Craig and Sheryl apathetically deal with the death of their love. Their three children, David, Michelle and Rick relentlessly struggle with denial, contempt and rebellion. The sibling rivalry abounds with our protagonist David, openly discussing his sexuality within the realms of his family home.


Whilst his father is never home to behold a view on leadership and with his mother abstaining from the truth, David struggles to hold his own place in the world. His circle of friends comforts him, however his longing for acceptance from his family remains poignant.


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Book collection of one act plays and full length plays



Exit Dark Stage Left



Exit Dark Stage Left reflects a collection of one-act plays from the strange, bizarre to the outrageously poignant. Never before has a group of one-act plays come from the outer stratosphere.


This book holds a very interesting group of plays. They hit their targets dead centre and hold no punches. Aunt Ethel's Death Notice takes us through the increasingly dirty event of dividing up personal items of a departed loved one; only to find out they are not so much as departed, but moving house. Doped Up Deal provides an insight to the not so glamorous life of cash-strapped everyday city folk trying to make ends meet by selling drugs and the not so friendly drug dealer who won't take no for an answer when they try to quit. Then, it's off to celebrate with Happy Birthday, Christmas Bernii; a thirteen-year old girl with a macabre sense of humour and an intelligent wit to match.


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Book collection of one act plays and full length plays



Shattered Reflection



In Shattered Reflection, Christine in her senior role, is unsupported and alone which seems to exacerbate her problems. She holds a Masters Degree in Arts Science and degrees in Business Management. Her role as the Divisional Manager for an international manufacturing company of truck engines and farming equipment in the European Union region dissatisfies her career goals. Christine suffers from mental illness and a personality disorder, exacerbated by her addiction to a cocktail of cocaine and alcohol.


Christine celebrates her fortieth birthday with an outlook to alcohol, cocaine and a male prostitute. Christine settles in for the night by ordering a home delivered five-star meal, home delivery of wine, bored with this she unsuccessfully telephones her fair-weather friends. Amy’s skeletal remains neatly tucked away in her bed; her bedroom a shrine to the memory of what she once meant.


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Book collection of one act plays and full length plays




Play In A Day


6 short plays



No matter what you call it, the entire artistic process from concept to curtain up happens in a 24-hour period in front of a paying audience; the scripts have yet to be written. The concepts have yet to be conceived. 30 Actors, 6 Writers and 6 Directors meet for the first time thriving on nervous excitement. The proceedings take place in the foyer of the theatre, where, in 24 hours, these gathered artisans will perform their hearts out, on stage.


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