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No matter what you call it, the entire artistic process from concept to curtain up happens in a 24-hour period in front of a paying audience; the scripts have yet to be written. The concepts have yet to be conceived. 30 Actors, 6 Writers and 6 Directors meet for the first time thriving on nervous excitement. The proceedings take place in the foyer of the theatre, where, in 24 hours, these gathered artisans will perform their hearts out, on stage.


To keep this event true to its name, minimal information is disseminated to the gathering. The Actors need to bring with them; 1 piece of costume and 1 prop; no rules or instruction of what to bring, keeping it random.


The Writers bring their laptops and for good measure, a dictionary. The Directors are armed with their true grit and open mind. On the stroke of nineteen-hundred hours, 42 artisans are hushed in front of the Producers. The rules are simple; write a script, approximately 10-minutes in length and give each Actor equal stage weighting.

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