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WARNING: 49 Secrets to guarantee you stand out as original. Get to the head of the queue 


Stop looking for original audition monologues, you have reached your destination. Impress the audition panel with characters you know and will perform cleanly and transparently. Memorise your monologue with ease, and deliver with a punch. Impress casting agents and producers with strong emotional arcs, demonstrate your talent and strengths, suit your monologue to the project, and close it up in 90 seconds or less.


Stage To Stardom: The Audition Handbook contains 25x dramatic and 24x comedic new monologues, never heard before by casting agents or producers. How do you remain in the memory of the audition panel? How do you set your audition on fire? Every actor must be innovative by stealing the limelight at every audition opportunity. You only get one chance. 


Every actor, no matter age, experience, race, identity, pronoun, fame, or personal knowledge, no matter if they are somewhere between green and veteran, every single actor needs to be monologue ready, for their next audition.


Enjoy the new writing.


Be brave. Be remembered. Be called back.


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