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Exit Dark Stage Left

Exit Dark Stage Left reflects a collection of one-act plays from the strange, bizarre to the outrageously poignant. Never before has a group of one-act plays come from the outer stratosphere.


This book holds a very interesting group of plays. They hit their targets dead centre and hold no punches. Aunt Ethel's Death Notice takes us through the increasingly dirty event of dividing up personal items of a departed loved one; only to find out they are not so much as departed, but moving house. Doped Up Deal provides an insight to the not so glamorous life of cash-strapped everyday city folk trying to make ends meet by selling drugs and the not so friendly drug dealer who won't take no for an answer when they try to quit. Then, it's off to celebrate with Happy Birthday, Christmas Bernii; a thirteen-year old girl with a macabre sense of humour and an intelligent wit to match.


Separating The Dust is a glimpse into the world of two brothers who take off the gloves after the last mourners have departed the funeral service for their mother; one fights for his lions share of the Will and the other fights for his life. Spring is a season of new beginnings, new loves, flowers and sporting events, but Mrs Wentworth-Brewster also feels it's time to spring-clean the tenants of her rooms at her lady's only boarding house and into the vegetable garden. She hopes to learn new skills from her previous tenants.


Richly dark, sometimes humorous, extreme in its social commentary of the human psyche, this collection of one-act plays will have the audience on the edge of their seats right from page one.

Book collection of one act plays and full length plays

Plays included in this collection:


Happy Birthday, Christmas Bernii

Doped Up Deal

Aunt Ethel’s Death Notice

Separating The Dust


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