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Actors! Listen up. It's time to commit to your monthly blog, personalised towards your needs and your craft. Actors need to be kept informed of the latest trends and receive assistance with your acting skills. 

Learn how to get into the audition room. Find out what you should be doing in the audition room. Discover new trends in audition secrets. 

Receive a monthly brand new monologue for your arsenal. Keep a fresh, brand-new monologue in your back pocket. Excite the casting director, producer, and casting agent in the audition room.

Don't lose out and find out your actor peers are using this information, it'll be too late.

Get on board. Get signed up. Get ahead. You know what to do.


Writers need to write every day to create thrilling and exciting new stories. Writers need to know what writing formats are working. And writers don't want to miss out on the latest processes to create and edit stories.

No matter your genre, writing a story and the format you're writing your story needs to be on point. As a writer of new characters, new stories, and creator of new worlds, you, the writer should know the process and how to cut through the chaff.

Receive your knowledgeable insights and proven information to keep your stories on point. 

Don't miss out by not signing up. You must know what is going on in the world of writing. 

Find out where to send your work.


Producers! Your breed is the most misunderstood in the creative world. Are you going to be able to produce, create, market, raise funds, manage creative teams, instruct actors, design and produce merchandise, hire venues, draw up contracts, keep the finances recorded and flowing, and keep your legal responsibilities?

Are you on top of it? Do you know what you're missing out on? Do you fully understand the pitfalls ahead of you? Do you know your stakeholders?

Have you gathered enough information to ensure your next production is going to get BOS. Do you know what a Producer does?

Don't miss out on this extraordinary lesson in producing stories. 

Get on board. Sign up! Get organised,


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Lunchtime Writer - daily exercises$7.00
Duration: 28 days

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This daily writing exercise challenge is to train your brain to write a single A4 page (minimum) with a new and fresh idea every day. You understand this is a writing exercise set at your own pace and needs to be completed within one day. You will charge $1.00 every day for one writing exercise, each day until canceled. You can cancel at any time. No refunds.

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