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A Couple of S.N.A.Gs

Script Length:

One-Act Play



Mark and Geoff are a couple testosterone-fuelled beer and pizza talking, far-from-sensitive new age guys, who bring back all the repressed memories of sharing house. Two young males, coexisting in a rented house, Geoff studies at University and Mark works full time. They are a couple of blokes searching for their true love, whilst simultaneously hindering the other’s quest. Mark realises his fated relationship with Stephanie when Geoff tells him the secret about his toys.

They are relatively carefree blokes with hearts of gold. On the walls of the lounge room they have surrounded themselves with tasteful, friendly pictures of woman. The lounge room looks well lived in with videos, books and music CD’s scattered and stacked on the floor. All shelf space is covered with books, magazines and CD’s. A pizza box sits on the floor.

First produced in the 1999 Melbourne Fringe Festival

Direction by Elizabeth Penny

Russell Healy                …          Mark
Adrian Nunes               …          Geoff

Trades Hall
Level 1 / 54 Victoria Street
Carlton South, Victoria


October 1999
Wednesday 6th to Saturday 9th
Wednesday 13th to Saturday 16th

Producer                   …          Darren Brealey

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