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As The Page Turns

Script Length:

One-Act Play


Uba, having walked for ten days has found an abandoned hamlet in the mountains. Uba hears a news report on his transistor radio, describing his home town of Azag being overrun with enemy soldiers and tanks. Uba’s mobile phone rings. He answers it to hear his wife’s voice, before long the connection cuts out; was that a bomb that exploded in the background or has her phone lost power?

Teo, clean looking, approaches Uba. Teo learns Uba is from Azag. Fuelled by anger and hatred, Teo blames the people of Azag for the armed fighting between Azag and Naza-Gan. Uba claims his innocence.

Sofia approaches Uba and Teo. Teo is proud to show Sofia his latest captive. Sofia protects Uba from Teo, claiming to be Uba’s mother. Sofia tells of her friendship with Teo and recalls his teachings of love and life in Naza-Gan. Uba accuses Sofia of being a traitor.

Meka approaches Uba and Sofia, relieved to have found her husband, alive and joyful to have found Sofia. Meka tells Uba their children were killed by enemy’s tanks. Teo claims the spilt blood of Meka’s people is the fault of their own.

Teo retrieves a knife from his pocket and threatens Uba. As he attacks Uba; Meka throws herself in front of Uba and receives the knife. Teo gently lays her to the ground. Uba attacks Teo, but Sofia intervenes, explaining this is the way it is meant to be. Uba is mortified his mother would protect his wife’s killer.

Sofia soothes Uba’s anger and calms his manner. She takes Uba’s knife from his pocket, as she tells Uba the wrongs of his government’s ways. Sofia stabs Uba, and as he lay dying she reassures Uba she has killed him out of love, out of the promise of a new world.

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