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Disturbing Mavis

Script Length:

One-Act Play



Set in a nursing home, this is a practical look at the subject of growing old and the not-so-attractive consequences. Mavis is a lonely soul who finds solidarity in comforting her husband, Alfred. She fills the boredom of her days by reading and engaging in one-sided arguments with an inert Alfred. When the Ambulance Officers arrive to take Alfred away, we discover the reason for Alfred’s inertia and witness Mavis’ frustration and helplessness.

Mavis and Alfred’s bedroom; in it is a chair and small table that sits down stage right. A two-seater settee and coffee table sit centre stage and another chair sit centre stage left, in front of an open fire. A small fire burns in the fireplace. Double doors to a hallway up centre stage and a window over looking the street, stage left. Alfred sits in front of the fireplace with his back facing the audience; a blanket covers his legs. A newspaper is draped over the arm of the chair. A red ambulance light reflects into the room, similar of that to a flashing sign or billboard.

First produced as a stand alone event

Direction by Shaun Oxley

Elizabeth Penny … Mavis

Workhouse Theatre
145 Victoria Parade
Collingwood, Victoria

June 1998
Wednesday 17th to Sunday 21st
Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th

July 1998
Wednesday 1st to Sunday 5th

Costume Design … Jennifer Hyland
Lighting Design … Julian Brignell
Producer … Darren Brealey

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