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Poppy, the matriarch of the family business; drugs and horses, oversees the running of the day-to-day business. Her eldest son, Ramin manages the daily business and her youngest son, Aiden manages the finances.


Through thoughtless injecting practices, Aiden contracted a deadly infectious disease by sharing needles when injecting the drug the family sells.


The good reputation of the family business is thrown into disarray when his medication to suppress the deadly infectious disease stops working. Ramin wants his brother out of the family business, convincing Poppy to pay him out. Agnes arrives and announces her news, changing the outcome.









Aiden sits in a single chair, busy in an accounting book. Poppy enters holding a basket. Poppy removes three thick rolls of fifty-pound bank notes and places them in Aiden’s lap.

In The Eyes Of My Heart

  • Paperback (printed book)

    A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)

    Standard Black & White

    60# White

    Saddle Stitch

    Glossy Cover

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