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Performing The Goat – A Collection of One Act Plays is gradually proving itself as a fresh and entertaining resource for actors and theatre groups. Its success speaks for itself in festivals and acting classes. The collection of one act plays contained in Performing The Goat has proven successful for staged productions in standalone events. Short and Sweet Singapore 2008 Festival performed Disturbing Mavis as part of their Top 30 chosen plays and The Mechanics as part of their Staged Readings, in Singapore. Disturbing Mavis won the People's Choice Award in the Top 30 Week 1, section. Scone Acting Dramatic Society (SCADS) in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales (Australia) performed The Mechanics in May and June 2007 during the Scone Horse and Arts Festival. Its success and audience appreciation was proven by full houses to ten performances. Kyneton Theatre Company in the north west of Victoria (Australia) performed Fergus’ Envy and Champagne Ladies during the 49th Kyneton Daffodil

Performing The Goat. A Collection of One Act Plays

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  • Darren R Brealey is a perceptive playwright. His ability to expose the flaws in the human condition hit home in this collection of one act plays, aptly titled Performing the Goat. The ‘goat’ in the title refers to the Greek tragos, meaning tragedy. While the plays are all relatively humorous, the real tragedy is that many of us will know someone like (or in fact relate to) the characters in this collection. Brealey’s plays expose an array of character ‘types’; there’s the naïve, meat-pie-eating grease monkey apprentice, Colin and his all-knowing boss, Norbert inThe Mechanics; the social-elite Narelle and her bestie Darlene (images of Prue and Trude from Kath and Kim come to mind) in Champagne Ladies; and the erratic, suit-wearing Corporate, Mr Green and his lackey, Carson, in The Stair.


    Each play takes place in a common setting whether it is a multiplex cinema, a drawing room or a café. With minimal set and props required, and few characters to cast, these short one act plays are simple to stage. Perhaps not all entirely suitable for the classroom (the language and content is quite extreme in parts),Performing the Goat would make an excellent resource for many actor and theatre groups.

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