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Meet old-school, all-knowing tradesman, Norbert who works hard at keeping ahead of the next crisis in the car repair workshop. He generously takes new-kid, Colin, under his wing, tutoring him in the sacred art of mechanical ethics, love, and relationships.


Norbert knows a lot of things. He knows. In fact, sometimes, he will tell you too many times that he knows. Norbert attempts to educate Colin about the games men and women play (or at least the games men think women want them to play.) Colin proves he isn’t as stupid as appearances initially indicate.


The Mechanics was first performed at Trades Hall in the Annexe Room, Melbourne, on 6 October 1999, with the following cast:


COLIN ... Russell Healy

NORBERT ... Adrian Nunes



In the lunch room of a car repair workshop, Colin sits at a table, flipping through a car magazine and eating his meat pie and sauce. Dressed in his coveralls and smelling of oil and grease, Colin is immersed in his own moment as Norbert storms into the lunch room, his only escape from the frustrating yet attractive women he is attending to in the car repair shop.

The Mechanics

SKU: 184p4kyz
  • Paperback (printed book)

    A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)

    Standard Black & White

    60# White

    Saddle Stitch

    Glossy Cover

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