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Stage to Stardom

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Brand new actor monologues for new and veteran actors to impress acting directors and casting agents. Bring home your audition in 90-seconds with a call back.

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Welcome to my official website. My name is Darren Brealey.


My theatre awakening came to light when I watched a performance of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs aged 4. Now, I’m taller and a lot older and a playwright.


With so much to read and watch, I thought a little guidance would be appreciated, so let me introduce you to my website. 


Home tab - at the top of each webpage you'll find the following options:

About - Read a brief about yours truly. 

Contact - Have a question or something to say, do it here. 

Collaborate - Are you an artist with something to offer, check out this page.

What's On - Keep up to date with what I'm doing. Keep up with the changes.

Join Us - Register your email address to keep informed about what I'm creating.

Crowd Funding - Without funding, I can't produce my work. Your help is fundamental.

Privacy Policy - Very important information about how I handle your information. 

Blog tab - Enjoy a weekly creative installment on my blog - 'tales from the train'.


Bookshop tab: discover a whole new world of top-quality published scripts of my work available for your perusal and purchase. You won't be disappointed.

Press tab: at the top of each webpage you'll find the following options:

Play Reviews - Read what the Press had to say about my produced plays.

Book Reviews - Read what Reviewers had to say about my published books.

Editorials - Read what went to print in newspapers, it's a read not to be missed.

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