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Lunchtime Writer - daily writing exercises

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Train your brain to become a better writer.

First of all, congratulations. This is day one of the rest of your writing life.

A serious writer is dedicated to their craft. A serious writer has a deep-seated desire to create stories. Serious writers know they need to practice, learn, and grow their craft. Practice is the key. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

A serious writer sits down to write a story.
Lunchtime Writer - daily writing exercises

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Professional and dedicated musicians practice every day by planning a time within their diary to practice musical scales, songs, and the physicality of holding their musical instrument. Singers use their vocal cords to tune their instruments. Actors rehearse a different monologue every day to keep their craft aligned and strong.

· Your scales are the elements of the story structure.

· Your songs are your characters and storyline.

· Your instrument is your imagination.

Lunchtime Writer - daily writing exercises.

A writer needs to write, every day. A serious writer writes every day.

As a writer who hungers to be ahead of the rest, you need to write a story, every day. By subscribing to Lunchtime Writer - daily writing exercises, this is your practice. This is your exercise to keep your creative muscles flexed.

Your Daily Exercises

Your daily must is to exercise your creative muscles and write a single A4 page without edits, procrastination, or reworking. Just write. Whatever is in your thoughts, just write it down. Over time, you will notice a vast improvement in your creativity. This regime could be the start of your next incredible creative project. Don’t overthink it, just write.

Simple. Once you are done, either burn it or file it. Don’t stop writing, you must practice every day. Even if you are writing your next blockbuster script, take up your daily exercise regime for no more than one A4 page. Once you are done, return to your blockbuster.

Keep writing.

Don’t overthink it.

Take up your daily writing challenge and write a new story every day for only $1 a day.

Click on the link and receive a fresh writing challenge in your email inbox every day. Your challenge is to write a new story based on the writing challenged present to you, in one day. You only need to write a single, A4 page.

Get serious. Get writing.

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