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Book collection of one act plays and full length plays

Full Length Plays

Book collection of one act plays and full length plays

The Meeting Place

Writing Full Length Plays is a journey of a full commitment to the story at hand. A full length play starts off as a simple idea, culminating a myriad of various concepts brought together to instil one story. The journey for all characters included in each story take a journey of discovery and development. Finding each characters journey, developing the overarching story and bringing everything to a conclusion demands great powers of observation, commitment and knowledge of the craft of writing. My goal is to bring the audience a thought provoking and entertaining couple of hours in each script.


You’re welcome to browse through the Book Shop for collection of Full Length Plays. Enjoy.

Book collection of one act plays and full length plays

A Hainsworth Holiday

The Hainsworth holiday home is a palatial two story building situated by the sea, sitting on a high cliff face, overlooking the ocean. The gardens surrounding the house are vast and lush with vegetation typical to seaside locations.




Evangeline tells the story of a woman’s torment and terrible injustices as her family empire dissolves, her husband fights in a war she doesn’t understand in an overseas country, whilst her own country wages its own internal fight for freedom.



Shattered Reflection

Christine celebrates her fortieth birthday with an outlook to alcohol, cocaine and a male prostitute. She settles in for the night by ordering a home delivered five-star meal and a home delivery of wine.



The Meeting Place

David discovers the meaning of love and family through the tragic loss of his boyfriend, when David's younger brother is partially responsible for creating a family rift.

Comfort Zone

The Arts Minister’s coming and the media’s on their way, but still, there are not enough balloons for the launch of next year’s theatre season! In the upstairs office of a small inner-city theatre, an ugly battle for ultimate power is in full swing.



Broken River

Belligerent mother of two and daughter-in-law of the family matriarch murders her cancer-ridden and dementia-suffering mother-in-law whilst her husband and brother-in-law discuss their mother's nursing and care home arrangements.



So Lonely Being Different

High School is difficult enough, but when the Boys decide to burn down the school for some extra time off, social circles, teenage relationships, and the School community are torn apart.



Mayhem At Mumbles Manor

An emotionally-awkward Lord of the Manor celebrates a three-day birthday party for his taxidermy dog with friends from WWII in the hope of discovering his narcolepsy suffering long lost love.

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