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Confluence of Broken River

The gathering of a world premiere

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Broken River is a new full-length play, produced by Cosmic Players, written by Darren Brealey, and directed by Elizabeth Way. Broken River is having its world premiere at the 2023 Melbourne Fringe Festival and this blog will bring the reader along on a journey to producing a play.

The highs and lows of administering the event through the Melbourne Fringe portal, approaching theatre venues to request a timeslot within the Melbourne Fringe festival and within the theatre venue program schedule, finding an audition venue, and convincing actors to turn up to audition for roles in Broken River, to scrounging for funding and begging with cap in hand to ask friends and strangers alike to part with their hard-earned money and donate to the show to allow us to open. The wonderful part about this year's funding is the tax deductions available to our fabulous supporters. Anything over $2 is a tax deduction.

A rescue boat holds three passengers and one passenger drowns in the torrent of water pouring from a drinking glass, deliberately being poured by a malicious hand.
Broken River coming to the 2023 Melbourne Fringe Festival

Broken River logo created by Mike Fletcher

Welcome to Broken River.


Sharing stories is essential to the human spirit and existence. As a writer, telling stories to share amongst our people is vitally important for growth, learning, sharing, and discussion.

Broken River was drawn together by two true stories of family bonds being challenged, social conscience being challenged, and the dark side of challenging undercurrents bubbling to the top when a parent passes. The two true stories also touched on the coming together of families when struck down in challenging times, but now always surviving.

Enjoy The Journey

Come along and enjoy the journey. As the weeks go by, posts will be published to help you join the journey of producing Broken River and gain an insight into what happens behind the scenes.

By all means, should you wish to assist us, please go to the Supporters Page and find out how you can assist. Everyone who helps, matters.

Please click on the Visit Broken River button to find out more information about the show.

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