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Broken River Launch

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

When a mother's love is not enough

Years in the making; starting out as a 20-25 minute one-act play (Separating The Dust in 2010), coverage of its success in the media was exciting, and awards in the festival circuit, winning best production and best male actor, Separating The Dust was a rewarding adventure.

Born out of Separating The Dust, came Broken River, expanding into two acts with the introduction of Virginia, the matriarch of the Morris family.

Broken River undertook a number of live rehearsed readings in London culminating in feedback and critical acclaim from London creative peers. With constructive rewrites and no-faff edits, this production took on a new life.

London live rehearsed readings improved the storyline and character arcs with greater urgency and panache. This process pushed the level of the script to greater heights.

Additionally, dramaturgy advice from Phil Setren, London New Playwright Festival enhanced the storytelling of this most difficult story to tell, balancing a fine line to produce an engaging and challenging narrative.

Broken River is a culmination of two true-life stories of family loss, grief, and battle lines. Staying true to the two true-life stories, whilst creating a new and entertaining play, Broken River remains true to its heritage, whilst engaging and thrilling as a stage production.

Broken River opens on Monday 16 October 2023 for a short run at Gasworks Arts Park. All production details are found on the Broken River website -

Enjoy the new writting from Darren Brealey.

Direction by Elizabeth Way.

© Copyright Darren Brealey 2023

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