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Casting A Difficult Story

Saturday 24 June saw the first selection of actors audition in front of an anticipated panel. Broken River is a play containing characters which are extremely difficult to cast. Seeking the perfect actor to fit the shape of each character would prove difficult, but not impossible. Thankfully, the calibre of actors fronting up allowed us to cast our characters.

Desperately Seeking Virgina. Unfortunately, we were not able to cast an integeral character of the play. Although Broken River holds an ensemble cast, Virginia, the matriarch of the Morris family and integeral to the story is missing in action. We are seeking a female able to play in the age range of 60+ years of age. Usually, play's don't seek female actors within this age range; we have a special opportunity for the right person.

Our next audition seeking our Virgina will be held on Friday 21 July in Abbotsford, Melbourne. We are very fortunate to be seeking our brilliantly talented Virginia to draw her family together.

If you're interested in attending the auditions, please visit the Auditions webpage.

Broken River is drawing interested audiences across Victoria and New South Wales. With so much interest from our followers, we are very excited to know there's only one more character to fulfil.

We are seeking supporters to assist the production float from generous donations via the Australian Cultural Fund (AFC).

The AFC provides a platform for artists to gather funds from supporters to create teams. The artist benefit from their supporters and the supporters benefit with Tax Deductible donations. The AFC provides tax receipts directly to supporters to reduce their end of financial year tax bill.

Everyone is a winner.

If you would like to support Broken River, but prefer something tangible in return, please purchase a book from the Supporters page.

Thank you for reading this blog. Look out for the next post.

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