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The thrill of it all

This is serious mum. We are plowing ahead with on a whim, with a pocket full of hope and a positive air about me. On Friday 21 July Elizabeth and I will be casting our, Virginia Morris, the matriarch of the family. We are desperately seeking Virgina.

The actress to be awarded the character of Virginia will have a challenge set out for her. This role is not Mary Poppins or Maria from Sound of Music. The character of Virginia is a tough cookie, now in her 60s suffering from dementia and cancer. She has two boys who mean well and a daughter-in-law she would rather see the back of. This character arc will definitely push and possibly break the next actor who walks in the door. Yet, I know actors like a challenge.

We have started our fundraising campaign and with $50 sitting with the Australian Cultural Fund, we are a long way off from getting to our goal. I am hopeful and positive the universe will pull through and friends, family and strangers alike will pull together to fund our show. To think if everyone I know donated $50, we would get over the line. And this time round, your donation is tax-deductible. You lower your tax bill. Everyone is a winner.

The call out from the Melbourne Fringe office came today, asking for media releases and photos. Here is my next job. Thank goodness I am surrounded by strong, talented, and very giving women. Director, Elizabeth Way will be herding the cats, and Stage Manager Leane Maddren ensuring the final show is a smash. It's amazing to have a village of wonderful people willing to pitch in.

And just for a lark, I am seeking many podcast owners/operators to put me in front of their microphones to talk everything theatre and hopefully a little bit of Broken River. I have my first pre-recorded podcast interview this weekend and another about to be booked. Wish me luck. It's going to be thrilling and entertaining. Little do they know I can talk the leg off a chair. Those who do know me will be giggling at the concept.

I look forward to providing you with an update next week on where we are at. In the meantime, may I suggest all the bargain hunters out there log into their Facebook page, go to the Broken River Event Page and mark yourself down as GOING. This will ensure you are notified about the 25% Ticket Discount when the Melbourne Fringe Festival box office opens - soon. Or, go directly to the Melbourne Fringe webpage on and pre-register your tickets to receive the 25% Ticket Discount.

See you at the show.

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