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Cosmic Players
Stage To Stardom: The Auditon Handbook
Broken River


Audition Room Scripts

Actor Audition Requirements

All actors are expected to perform two audition pieces in their audition:

  1. All actors are required to memorise the allocated script pages below, relating to their required character. Click on your audition page, below, to download your page of choice. You're welcome to bring your audition page with you to your audition, but scripts down in the audition room are preferred.

  2. All actors are required to perform a free-speech expression of their understanding of the Morris family, and each actor is expected to express their character's understanding and connection inside the Morris family.

Character Age Ranges

VIRGINIA - aged 65+

VIRGINIA audition page

Please click on the above audition page link to download your character script for the audition room.

CHAD - aged between 35 and 55 - cast

MICHAEL - aged between 30 and 50 - cast

TRACEY - aged between 20 and 40 - cast


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