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Cosmic Players
Stage To Stardom: The Audition Handbook
Broken River


Audition Details

Registration for Auditions is open NOW. 

Audition Date

Friday 21 July 2023

Audition Time Range

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Audition Location

U3A Yarra City Office

17 Stanton Street


Behind Collingwood town hall.

The Collingwood train station is next door.

Hoddle Street buses are close by.

Access via trams 109 and 12 on Victoria Street

Audition Duration

15-minutes per actor

Register Your Interest For Auditions

We would love to hear from you.

We strongly encourage you to read as much information as required to allow you to make an informed decision and register for an audition. 


At the bottom of this page is the link to register for an audition.

Let's start the conversation with a registration form. Once we receive your registration form, you'll be contacted via email to confirm an audition time to best suit your needs within our availability. 

Once you confirm your audition time, we will request your cv and photo.



If you're looking for a stage play to push your acting boundaries, this could be the script for you. Best of all, we are going to make it fun, engaging, and cohesive.

Actor Audition Requirements

All actors are required to perform two audition pieces in their audition, in two parts:

  1. All actors are required to memorise the allocated script pages below, relating to their desired characterClick on your character audition page, below and above, and download your page of choice. You're welcome to bring your character audition page with you to your audition, yet scripts down in the audition room are preferred.

  2. All actors are requested to perform a free-speech expression of their understanding of the Morris family, and each actor is requested to express their character's understanding and connection with the Morris family. This piece is a creative idea improvised by each actor. It doesn't have to be perfect and we are looking to see how much fun you can have on the spot. 1 to 2 minutes in length, at best.

Character Age Ranges

VIRGINIA - aged 65+

VIRGINIA audition page

CHAD - aged between 35 and 55 - cast

MICHAEL - aged between 30 and 50 - cast

TRACEY - aged between 20 and 40 - cast


Virginia is the mother to Chad and Michael. Chad is the eldest child and Michael is the youngest of the family. Their Father passed away a number of years ago due to prostate cancer.

Tracey and Chad are married; they have two boys of their own named Charlie and Ricky. Charlie is the eldest child and Ricky is the youngest of the family.

Michael and Frank are long-term lovers and have been in a very happy relationship, until recently.

Audition Application
Acting Age Range
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