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Stage To Stardom: The Audition Handbook
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Character descriptions are listed below, intended as a brief with further character development encouraged.


Virginia - audition page

VIRGINIA - aged 65+

Virginia, a Matriarch and a survivor of a harsh life has fought her way through tough times for herself and her children. Virginia, manipulative, calls upon her two boys, enforcing demands and obligations through guilt and fear. Virginia dreamed of a life with a wealthy man who would take care of her every whim and care, but reality dealt her a cold harsh blow via the man she settled for in a life mate.

CHAD - aged between 35 and 55


The eldest child of the two boys and the man of the house, both his and his mother's, Chad is a man’s man, a tough individual who has learnt the harsh lessons of his father and his mother. Chad suffers from his Father's Absence / Deficit, enforced by his bitter, emancipated mother. A Builder by trade and a sideline drug runner for his boss, Mr Czerny, Chad takes control in the company of his wife, Tracey and his two children, Charlie and Ricky.

MICHAEL - aged between 30 and 50

The child born to make his parent’s marriage work, Michael is the younger of the two boys and the one disregarded by his father and has had nothing but disdain from his brother, ever since he was five years old. Michael lives in fear, hiding his homosexuality and black boyfriend in fear of homophobic and racist taunts. Rejection. Disenfranchised. Devalued. Michael is afraid of his bullish mother and frightful brother. A Police Constable in the Westminster LGBT Borough Liaison Metropolitan Police, Michael has been a proud LGBT officer for the past twenty years. 

TRACEY - aged between 20 and 40

Tracey, fifteen years younger than Chad is the contemptuous, yet timid tigress of her wed-locked family. When it comes to Chad, she creates a complex relationship filled with guilt and anger towards Virginia and a dynamic inferiority complex towards Chad. She is fiercely protective of her two sons. Her life strategy is survival of the fittest, a lesson learnt from her family home of no regular income, a kitchen table occasionally without food and protecting her body from her father’s wandering hands. At the age of fourteen, she learnt her vagina was the way to a man’s heart.

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