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Prince Prittlewell Of Piddle Brook

Prince Prittlewell – who attended the University of Oxford but never graduated – was possibly one of the most inventive and amusing unconventional scientists of his time. When not producing bolts of artificial lightning, Prittlewell worked on inventions such as a particle gun to protect his beloved United Kingdom from tens of thousands of UFOs and spoke of creating flying machines with a hypothetical force to oppose gravity. 


Prince Prittlewell took his apparent obsessive-compulsive disorder to higher levels, becoming fixated on the number seven and developing an extreme aversion to touching humans. Famously, the renowned scientist believed he had been in contact with little spacemen from Neptune. 


Prince Prittlewell also managed to fall head over heels in love with a pigeon, named Gabrielle, after Mademoiselle Gabrielle the half lady; whom had a perfectly formed upper body which ended smoothly just below the waist. Prittlewell believed his feelings of love were reciprocated by Gabrielle.





Prince Prittlewell


Lady Faygate

Ms Witley 



Prince Prittlewell stands in front of a small window in his reception room, gazing out into his garden, looking at Gabrielle. His cloak hangs from his body, his hands touching the glass. He doesn’t leave the window as he feels forlorn, awaiting for Gabrielle to coo at him.

Prince Prittlewell Of Piddle Brook front cover (final).jpg
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